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Angler of the Month - Jim Sheffield
Posted on 02/25/2008
Jim SheffieldJulie Ball, the International Game Fish Association representative in Virginia Beach and no slouch in the record fish-catching department herself, verified a pending world record striped bass caught in Virginia waters Sunday. "I photographed a 50-pound-plus striped bass, proudly displayed by its captor, Jim Sheffield of Richmond," Ball said. "Jim, who is a member of the Virginia Anglers Club, is no stranger to light line angling. He had this trip all planned. He headed to Kiptopeke [on the Eastern Shore side of the Chesapeake] intending to break the existing IGFA men"s 2-pound line class record of 21 pounds, 7 ounces. Instead, he blew it out of the water. The official weight of his fish was a whopping 50 pounds, 9 ounces."