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Tournament Results: James River Blue Catfish (March 22-23 and 29-30)
Posted on 04/07/2008
Catfish TourneyCatfishing on the James River slowed down for our tourney and weather was less than ideal, but at least 10 dedicated club members tried their luck. Participants included: Tony Horsley, Eddy Johnston, Bob Brown, Parks Rountrey, Jim Sheffield, Rob Choi, Bob Shepherd, Fred Murry, Glenn Carter, Stuart Lee. The final results in both weight and points divisions follow. Note that time of entry turn-in was used as a tiebreaker. Weight Winners: 1) Glenn Carter 28# 2) Rob Choi 28# 3) Tony Horsley 26# Points Winners: 1) Bob Shepherd 21#-8 oz. on 6 gen. for 202 pts. 2) Parks Rountrey 23# on 8 gen. for 193 pts 3) Bob Brown 13# on 8 gen. for 109 pts. Totals: Glenn C. 3 pts., Bob S. 3 pts., Rob Choi 2 pts., Parks R. 2 pts., Tony H. 1 pt., Bob Brown 1 pt.